North Blackthorn: in images



A Central Trains 170
arrives at the platform

It stops, but the youths
don't get on

A discarded traffic cone
litters the trackside

Graffiti over the fence.
No surprise here


Vending machines in an unusual 'working' condition

A burned-out stolen car
in the station car park

The 170 departs.
The youths continue to loiter

A 158 arrives, just as this
youth has had enough


A lone policeman keeps
an eye

This is the west end of the station with a front of a Cl.150

East end, near the entrance, ticket machine and car-park

Graffiti even gets here


...and here, on the North Blackthorn Signalbox

A 150 'Sprinter' departs, while a spare tyre lies discarded




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