Severn Stoke makes up the bulk of the 00 gauge model railway layout.

The actual village "Severn Stoke" lies in Worcestershire 2 miles north of Upton upon Severn.
Whilst the real Severn Stoke has never even had a railway line running through it (let alone a station!) this model is based on what the station may have looked like if there once was.
The villagers of the real Severn Stoke would have needed to travel to Upton upon Severn in order to catch a train - But not here on this railway!



North Blackthorn is completely the opposite to Severn Stoke in both charm, and indeed character!

This urban, unstaffed, modern station is a notorious problem for police, with underage drinking and vandalism a particular problem!
CCTV Video monitoring is now in operation on this station platform!

North Blackthorn does not have a real 'twin' - At least not in the namesake department!



    Here the illusion is shattered and we bump back to reality!

  • Details of the making and construction of the Severn Stoke and North Blackthorn layout;

  • The signalling aspects, and Signalbox diagram of Severn Stoke;

  • The diesel, steam and electric rolling stock.

For a material view of the entire layout, head for a Reality Check!



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The sister layout to Severn Stoke is 'Tintagel.'

Tintagel is on the North Cornish coast and, like Severn Stoke, was never served by the real railway.

Tintagel railway station would have been on the Wadebridge to Bude line (North Cornwall Railway) or maybe even a 'loop' which would have taken in Tintagel with fast trains using the avoidable - Similar to the railway layout at Weston Super Mare on the Bristol-Exeter line.

As it was, the town of Tintagel was served by Fry's Coaches and Southern National who collected passengers and goods, including mail and the daily newspapers, from Camelford railway station

Had there been a station at Tintagel, this is a model of what it might have looked like in the 1950's.






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